These pages comprises of Toph Beifong’s relationship with other characters in the wide world of Avatar

These pages comprises of Toph Beifong’s relationship with other characters in the wide world of Avatar

Lin Beifong

2 decades pursuing the end of Hundred-year Battle, Toph offered beginning in order to a girl, Lin, whom passed on this lady earthbending overall performance and also have similarly conquer the fresh sub-experiences out of metalbending and you can seismic feel, in the event Toph felt that Lin never ever a little overcome all trick points these types of event. [2] The two share similar characters, as they possibly can both getting dull and persistent on occasion; Toph is referred to because of the Korra as actually good “cranky, more unhappy types of Lin”, [3] and Toph with pride affirmed herself as being “the original Beifong”. [2]

Even with their a purposes given that an individual mother, Toph would not speak about Lin’s dad together, which considered greatly on her behalf child. Despite this, Lin continued to own value on her mother since Master out of Police, given that she is crazy at Suyin as the factor in Toph’s early later years. [4] Its relationship became strained and also by 154 AG, that they had stopped communicating with both. [1]

Once they reunited by accident within the 174 AG to keep an excellent seized Suyin and her relatives, Toph acted casual together girl, inadvertently working on this lady nerves. Lin fundamentally unloaded to the Toph immediately following Bolin gotten a way to issue which the lady father is actually, blaming Toph to possess never understanding or compassionate why she infuriated her. Because the Lin mentioned she wanted absolutely nothing so much more to do with the girl just after rescuing their family, Toph solemnly recognized the words, saying that she would commit to they if that is just what Lin wanted. Later on, immediately following effectively having spared men and women, Lin apologized for her severe words, to which Toph admitted she wasn’t an informed mother, even though is actually nevertheless happy with exactly how she got were left with great girl. Stating that it had been sufficient on her to know that Lin did not hate the girl, Lin accepted the lady terminology and mutual a small kiss. [1]

Suyin Beifong

Toph voluntarily stumbled on Suyin’s conserve when she is actually grabbed by the Kuvira and passionately hugged this lady back through to the lady discharge.

Within the 126 AG, Toph had the girl 2nd daughter, Suyin, which have another man. Suyin also inherited earthbending and you will mastery of your sub-expertise of metalbending, even in the event Toph thought that Suyin never somewhat overcome the secret parts of these types of enjoy. [2] Toph offered the girl along with her cousin the fresh new versatility you to she performed n’t have if you find yourself expanding upwards, but when Suyin had detained because of the Lin to be the fresh new wheelman for the Terra Triad, Toph tore within the statement and you can sent the girl second child to live with the woman grand-parents. A year later, Toph retired, whenever you are Suyin continued to build the city of Zaofu. They both resigned regarding event and you can Toph would commonly go to prior to she went from interested in enlightenment. [4] [5]

If you find yourself residing in the new Foggy Swamp, Toph kept an eye on Zaofu and you can immediately after reading you to definitely Suyin and her family unit members have been drawn prisoner because of the Kuvira inside the 174 AG, Toph traveled into the latest steel town so you’re able to cut him or her. Up on becoming reunited along with her youngest daughter, Toph help by herself feel hugged and you can conveniently returned new incorporate. Immediately following efficiently escaping the newest jail, Toph indexed how proud she would be to possess such great girl as Suyin and you may Lin. [1]

Whilst not commonly publicly type, Toph presented a beneficial warmness towards the lady merely granddaughter. During the her visits to Zaofu, Toph perform commonly tell the lady tales from the woman previous. Inside the 174 AG, when Toph went along to cut the woman loved ones, Opal rushed to hug their, an action Toph didn’t fight, although she make the grade short and relocated to keep Opal’s hands as an alternative. Appraising her granddaughter, she fondly indexed how much cash she got grown, regardless of if requested this lady view when reading one to Racy is actually their traveling bison and you will Bolin their sweetheart. [1]