The earth became covered with lawn and pair structures

The earth became covered with lawn and pair structures

[Scene: The entire year fifty mil. Its population are common beautiful people females. As they appear, the women instantaneously see them while the date traveler.] Women #1: Greetings, date traveler.

Ladies #3: I have perfected a method having fun with bad bulk neutrino sphere one to help us travel backwards with time.

[He tends to make a beneficial fart sound and you will does a thumbs-down during the disapproval.] People #1: We can explore our very own research tomorrow. Guys are extremely uncommon inside our society. Even very old and you will dumb men was valued. [Farnsworth and you will Fry grins.] Tonight, excite be the guests from honour in the all of our fertility feast.

[He brings the fresh button, all of the anyone else gasp.] [Scene: Time machine. Farnsworth whines and you can Fry was displeased.] Farnsworth: Zero! I happened to be about to close the offer.

[It strive. Fry stands up.] Fry: Prevent. Someplace, a bit, Leela’s waiting around for me. We need to remain finding a backwards go out server.

[Scene: Outside the day host. They get-off.] Farnsworth: I got an atmosphere this might be precisely the part of go out we have been searching for. [Which future is totally covered in the a dead wilderness, level so far as the fresh new attention are able to see.] Nope. [Farnsworth takes up a tool that scans the room and you will turns up an X toward their display and you will buzzes.] Actually, all the every day life is extinct.

[Fry weeps. And starts to circumambulate alone regarding the wasteland. The guy sees a cavern.] Fry: The new Cave to the Eco-friendly.

Everyone loves your

[Scene: Cavern to the Green. It’s simply a cavern.] Fry: We caused it to be, Leela. Sorry, I’m an excellent mil decades later.

[Fry notices particular text message printed in the fresh new stone formations into the ground, you start with ‘Dear Fry’.] [Scene: Entire world Show: Conference area. The entire year 3050. Globe Express was a great deal larger providers than before. Cubert was a classic boy who’s playing with their yoyo. Enter an even old Leela who appears obviously enraged.] Old Leela: You’ll receive the alimony cheque, Cubert. Today wander off.

Confident, she departs

[Enter Amy. Old Amy is simply Amy’s directly a robotic.] Dated Amy: Disperse it, boy-toy. Granny’s bringing one to Atlantic Town.

[Leela is not captivated. Amy strikes Cubert on ass as they exit. Go into Hermes’ lead for the a container moving towards an excellent pogo-adhere.] Old Hermes: I am not sure the reasons why you ever married you to pig-nostrils punk.

Old Leela: I don’t know possibly. I am married on business now. [New faint inform you of time machine seems at the rear of Leela and you may the newest birthday celebration cards happens flying aside.] We familiar with envision there’s individuals for me, but- [She gets struck by the card and you will drops over.] Aw! [She sits up with the latest credit.] Just how odd, it’s one particular old listing-your-own-message birthday celebration notes.

[She opens it, Fry is on display screen.] Fry: [on cards] Pleased birthday celebration, Leela. I’m most disappointed I am going to be the next later, as the we are evaluation new professor’s stupid go out servers. But you learn, happier birthday and all of and you can. [He leans closer to the brand new cards.] . [Regarding the records, enough time servers happens off. The fresh credit vanishes of Fry.] My cards!

[The latest videos goes on because it will leave committed host. They hits Leela from the head. They ends.] Dated Leela: My personal lifetime I was upset within him. And it also was not his blame.

[Scene: The fresh new Nyc: Street top. The season 3050. Old Leela was walking alone, disheartened. She is at this new Cavern to your Eco-friendly that has today already been finalized. She enters.] [Scene: Cave to your eco-friendly. The year 3050. They continues to have signs and symptoms of having been a cafe or restaurant. Leela appears around the empty space. She actually starts to come out from the ceiling. Big date lapses once the falls slip regarding the roof to produce the newest material formations on to the floor that features the content, ‘Dear Fry, our go out together is actually small, but it was the optimum time off my entire life. -Leela’. The new lapse concludes because Fry is updates indeed there learning they during the step one,100000,100000,100 A beneficial.D.] Leela: [voice-over] Precious Fry, our very own big date together with her was small, nonetheless it is actually the optimum time out of my life.