Prior to this, centuries in the past, Tamayo got made an effort to destroy Muzan

Prior to this, centuries in the past, Tamayo got made an effort to destroy Muzan


In their initial encounter, Muzan turned Tamayo towards the a demon to treat this lady state, hiding from this lady the real effects of the conversion and thus causing the loss of the woman spouse and children. Comparable to Nezuko, Muzan viewpoints their since a pain so you’re able to your just after she was freed out of their control, and you may wants on her behalf to get slain. He didn’t think twice to mock Tamayo about eliminating her husband and you can college students along with happening a great rampage off anxiety destroying almost every other people in the act, place all fault on her behalf versus providing obligations for of it.

Although not, through to comprehending that she stood zero danger of successful, Tamayo’s state of mind try totally beaten, the girl look after and you can commitment replaced by a beneficial docile, servant-such demeanour.

Although not, abreast of watching Yoriichi’s tremendous power and you may experience throughout the their struggle with Muzan, Tamayo’s look after so you’re able to kill him was reignited, ultimately causing their to again refocus the girl jobs onto beating the fresh new Demon Lord and you can restart the woman look towards carrying out pills having deterioration or destroying your.

According to the expertise the spot where the one or two conversed in the end of one’s story, therefore the simple fact that she is actually at the side of him when he battled Yoriichi, suggest that the guy did involve some fondness to have Tamayo, although as to why within the never secured.

Demon Slayer Corps

However with the fresh new joining off Yoriichi Tsugikuni along with his innovation and you can pass on of Respiration Styles Techniques, Muzan slowly turned into more info on alert to him or her and maintain an even more keen attention with the rapidly increasing business owed into today good-sized threat they today presented so you’re able to him due to the fact they began to annihilate his written demon’s of the many thank you to their freshly acquired techniques.

Although not not surprisingly and because of his personal immense arrogance and you will exorbitant ego, Muzan themselves initially bared little to no worry towards freshly energized demon slayers and in fact instead turned curios towards slayers on their own in the very first several years of the Slayer’s “Fantastic Many years” and particular transform and you may improvements their inhale styles did to help you their bodies and you can rather developed the desire to studies such actual enhancements up close to simply help his very own browse.

At some point, abreast of convincing the renegade Devil Slayer to alter on the a demon, Muzan successfully explored and learnt his physiology and you may biology as the a good effective Air User and enhancements next completed to his system abreast of transforming into the a demon. After this, Muzan stated that he previously after that forgotten a lot of interest in brand new Demon Slayers.

Although not so it psychology quickly altered up on nearly becoming murdered from the Yoriichi Tsugikuni. BBWCupid Muzan easily turned far more horrible and you will paranoid into Demon Slayer Corps through to understanding that individuals who can be really destroy him would actually exist and therefore the techniques to do this are observed only with brand new Corps, resulting in the devil progenitor so you’re able to today just take more energetic tries to annihilate brand new Devil Slayer Corps and you will began getting alot more cautious and you can in depth actions to further guarantee their own security with the next 100 years on account of his increased paranoia.

Muzan himself, due to their selfish mindset and you will conceited point of view and you can excessive ego, have considered brand new Devil Slayer Corps since a group of abnormal,fanatical freaks who consistently chase immediately after him under no circumstances owed so you can his very own belief which he along with his demons try one thing akin to an organic emergency, something is so malicious and you can kills individuals, however, things entirely unavoidable and you may natural. And this the new devil slayers is actually “strange” due to him or her holding a good grudge more than shedding their loved ones to them and you can researching the justified rage to help you things as absurd because holding a good grudge and you will selecting a fight with sky,flames,world otherwise liquid incase there was a great disturbance,flood,forest fire,storms or twisters one to kills their loved ones.