I am a Christian who has struggled alot in the area of a desire for companionship and sexual intimacy

I am a Christian who has struggled alot in the area of a desire for companionship and sexual intimacy

Thank you, so much. I have been married twice and have 3 children. I divorced for the 2nd time in 2016. Since, then I have been struggling to be pure and obedient to God’s Word, in this area. I was led by God to end a budding relationship with a man who was not a Christian, who I did have sex with. I have prayed, cried out, and found myself asking God to take the desite for sex away from me. I believe God let me to your blog, it has truly been helpful. Thank you, so much for your encouragment. It is truly been a helpful blessing! May God continue to bless your ministry.

This is helpful… I’m in a period of hopelessness.. I’ve read so many articles about how to make lust and temptation stop but it just doesn’t go away and I feel so weak and worthless. I’m 20 now and in a long distance relationship. I know without a doubt he is the man I want to marry and we have struggled in the past with making out but neither of us have gone past that. The sexual desire for each other is real but he is a bit older and wants to wait a while before getting married. I’ve given into temptation a too many times and now I feel like it’s controlling me. I don’t want moments of weakness to impact my relationship with my future husband (as I’ve read that masterbating will do). I’ve prayed for God to just take it away until marriage and I read scripture every day. Every time I feel like I make progress it hits me out of nowhere. And then I feel guilty and like a failure… I’m currently trying the rubberband technique where I snap myself hard any time I think about it or get turned on… but I just feel hopeless… I can’t demand that we get married now, that’s not practical… and waiting is wearing down my boundaries. How do I heal this.

I’m a christian and I’m married for 16 years.. unfortunately, my wife has sexual desire that is next to nothing.. it’s one thing to be single and battling your sexual desires with the hopes that it’ll all end once you’re married (if you get married) .. but it’s another thing to be married and live like you’re single for the rest of your life.. or hopefully, unless that all changes.. and don’t give me any nonsense about getting ount of time and then it’s all right back where it started..

Don’t condem yourself if you give in. Try not to do anything you will regret but don’t go crazy either. Give yourself grace. The conditions are unusual if your single extended adult years. Ancient times people got married before they where 20. God loves you a lot. Life isn’t perfect, neither is being married if you find yourself with someone who is OK with celibacy which has its own troubles.

He blames it on the borderline sexual abuse encounters he faced as a child, which I understand, but he is unwilling to work on this because he doesn’t see it as a real problem

I don’t feel like our sexuality is a bad thing. Somehow when I give in to too much temptation, I lose sight of the grand scheme of things and then I can’t here what God is saying. My head gets cloudy. Luckily, I manage to re-align myself with a little help from my friends. ???? Peace To all my brothers and sisters and God bless us all

I never struggled before, and I was never even sexually curious

These are all good pieces of advice. But what can a woman with strong sexual urges do if she is married, but her husband doesn’t like to have sex that often? I best hookup apps Reno Nevada have been seeking an answer to no avail. We’ve had marriage counseling and it hasn’t helped this area. He would rather I learn to be okay with not having any intimate relations with my husband.