Democrats and Republicans has actually contrary positions for the of several items

Democrats and Republicans has actually contrary positions for the of several items

reverse (KON tre ree) adj. 1. go against; against; 2. contrary in general, purchase, guidelines, etc.; totally different; 3. posturing your self so you’re able to consistently differ; perverse -n. the alternative • • • •

contrast (KON trast having letter., kun TRAST to have v.) vt. examine so as to see or explain the distinctions; and come up with a part-by-side assessment -vi. to display differences when compared -letter. 1. a big change, particularly a striking one to, anywhere between a few things; dos. showing a striking differences, in the colour otherwise build, between various areas of a paint, photograph, or video clips picture • It’s not hard to contrast Hal’s easygoing mannerisms which have R. • Evaluate the appearance of a 10-karat-gold band to a great 14-karat one, in addition to differences are quickly obvious.

• Check an effective rectangle next to other parallelogram, and you may instantly acknowledge brand new compare. • Modifying brand new examine for the a television usually smoothen down otherwise harden the newest method things near to both are classified. [-ed, -ing] [Synpare]

Lee’s bore-sergeant attitude

contribute (kun TRIB yoot) vt. step one. to offer to a common financing or cause; 2. to enter and present otherwise offer some composing to help you a newsprint, newsprint, or any other book; step three. in order to furnish or give training, information, expertise, an such like. • Pat always contributes to cancer tumors-assaulting organizations. • James Thurber discussed of several humorous cartoons and you can quick reports to various editors through the their lifetime. • Of numerous researchers of Manhattan Investment shared brand new ideas and you can computations that led to Robert Oppenheimer’s to-be the father of one’s nuclear bomb. [-d, adding, sum n.]

contrite (kun TRYT) adj. 1. perception sorrow; remorse; 2. appearing otherwise through repentance; regretting which have done wrong • Kathy was contrite for having taken Rhoda’s auto rather than first with received consent. • Bob’s avoiding meeting Gary’s sight immediately after with busted their vessel is the consequence of his effect contrite. [-ly adv., contrition n.] [Syn. penitent]

controversial (KON truh Observar shee uhl) adj. subject to or gonna end in argument; questionable • The question out-of whether or not to make a new vehicle parking driveway is the absolute most questionable subject into agenda. • Debatable subjects usually are the topic of public argument and certainly will polarize viewpoints. [-ly adv., controversy n.]

controvert (KON truh voert) vt. 1. in order to argue against; dispute; deny; contradict; dos. so you can argue throughout the; debate; explore • It is almost much more tough to controvert the notion that lives could have immediately following lived on the Mars. • Magellan’s voyage need to have become adequate to controvert every notions off the new earth’s getting flat. [-ed, -ing, -ible adj., -ibly adv.] [Syn. disprove]

conundrum (kuh NUHN drm) letter. 1. a beneficial riddle where answer include a pun (use terms); 2. any puzzling concern otherwise situation A conundrum’s sense #step 1 is represented on the after the Q & A: Q.

Contrary to common thoughts, Calbert is also dance quite nicely

That deal observe, and also the almost every other watches cells. • Having been greet to 3 different The Year’s Eve parties, rather than wanting to hurt anyone’s thinking, Olive felt that determining ideas on how to work try a conundrum.

convergence* (kuhn VOER jins) n. step 1. a coming with her; dos. the point where something interact • This new overlap of Donna’s and you may Flo’s songs passion convinced him or her one to they may allow while the an excellent duo. • There’s a convergence out of a few roads towards the a single road that takes place in the hand. [convergency letter., convergent adj.]

discussion (KON ver State shin) letter. step 1. the new act otherwise an instance from talking together with her; familiar talk; spoken interchange from ideas, feedback, etc.; 2. a casual conversation towards the an area of well-known appeal because of the one or two governing bodies • Ned and you will Fred got a discussion over coffees, sharing where you might get the motorcycles serviced. • It had been customary from the Vanessa’s work environment to talk about preparations with the weekend within the water-cooler conversations. • Agents from Russia and Japan provides discussions now and again over Russia’s going back gay hookup Regina Sakhalin in order to Japan. [-al adj., -friend adv.]