An adapter is needed to suit your drain to accommodate the dish washer hose pipe

An adapter is needed to suit your drain to <a href=""></a> accommodate the dish washer hose pipe

acceptable (ak SEPT ibl) adj. adequate; tolerable; bearable; okay • Restaurants peas from the a cafe or restaurant using only your own blade is not thought appropriate ways. • Putting on a costume in a toga represents acceptable during the specific fraternity events.

desired (ak September tins) n. step 1. being approved; 2. an acceptance • Jack’s welcome from the Jill’s loved ones made your happy. • Ian’s greeting from full obligation on mobile charges got Kira off the hook up (as we say). access (AK ses) letter. step one. the fresh new act out-of future near to; approach; dos. a way of approaching anything; 3. the authority to get into otherwise use one thing -vt. to get or possess the means to access a database • The fresh use of the house try through the side door. • Sebastian achieved the means to access his auto through the driver’s screen. [-ed, -ing]

complement (uh KOM uh dayt) vt. step 1. and also make complement; to help you adapt; adjust; dos. to help you get together again; step three. doing an assistance or choose to have; 4. to possess space to own • • • •

Small Opinion #step one Satisfy the word away from column 2 into phrase from line step 1 that means extremely almost a similar thing

Regardless of if I do not must do it, I’ll fit your. The resort accommodates its visitors having room service. The kitchen caters chairs space to have five. [-d, accommodating]

rooms (uh kom uh Big date avoid) n. step 1. adjustment; variation so you can a particular explore; dos. reconciliation of variations; step 3. a convenience; 4. traditions otherwise traveling space • Myles made an accommodations to help you getting up all night and unpleasant his mothers from the asleep the time. • The fresh staff member and his previous manager attained a motels along the question of severance pay. • Which have coffeemakers into the for each and every space was a hotels to possess hotel traffic. • The brand new train’s area got sleep apartments for approximately four people. accomplice (uh KOM plis) n. somebody who knowingly helps into the committing a crime; partner from inside the offense • If you’re Bob is robbing the bank, his accomplice, Louise, was behind the wheel of your holiday vehicles. [Syn. associate]

The fresh new cashier had to account for this lady daily receipts

to-do (uh KOM plish) vt. step 1. to complete otherwise achieve undertaking; 2. to learn; to complete • Rocio finished the girl activity out-of baths canine. • The human being fly never ever did not to complete its goal. [-ed, -ing, fulfillment n.] [Syn. carry out, reach]

agreement (uk AWRD) vt. step one. and make consent; so you can get together again; 2. to deliver or concede -vi. common contract -n. step 1. a laid-back agreement, given that ranging from one or two states otherwise nations; dos. consent; consent • Our very own objectives come in accord. • We plan to accord you every by way of. • Jakob had their dad’s accord to make use of the household vehicles. [-ed, -ing, (in) conformity letter.]

accost (uh KAWST) vt. in order to approach and invited basic (have a tendency to when you look at the an invasive method) • I wouldn’t be so challenging on accost an individual who did maybe not greet me earliest. • I was taking walks collectively, minding personal business, whenever i is accosted by the a street peddler. [-ed, -ing]

membership (uh KOWNT) vt. to tell, imagine, or courtroom -vi. step one. so you can give a reckoning of money compiled and you can/otherwise payed out; dos. and make appropriate amends getting; 3. provide acceptible things about -letter. 1. an effective counting otherwise formula; 2. monitoring of monetary finance; step three. a bank checking account; cuatro. an eye on deals • • • • • •

The fresh new detective asked Jim to take into account his day for the Sunday. This new unlawful need to be the cause of his or her worst action. Karen makes up about their fund inside her checkbook check in. There is absolutely no accounting having mans choices. Jason tracks what exactly is due to him in his profile receivable ledger. [-ed, -ing, bad n.]