Tenant management


Enabling multiple tenants in malls, office parks and large enterprises to manage their own security can take up time and resources. How do you make it possible for them to manage shared space together and autonomously, such as the reception lobby and the canteen?

Kaba exos is the perfect solution. It allows multiple tenants to manage their access rights independently, with complete data sovereignty within one centralised system.


  • Kaba exos supports the independent organisation of individual sites, floors or office suites so tenants can manage their own system flexibly and independently within the overall system.
  • Each sub-system can have different configuration in terms of combining online and standalone doors, user groups, authorisation levels and time and attendance functionality.
  • The system only needs setting up once and saves outlay in comparison to individual installations as you not only share the infrastructure, but also the costs.
  • Kaba exos lets tenants run individual modules together for spaces such as a common reception area allowing a quicker return on your investment.
  • It ensures that data sovereignty remains with the respective tenants. Only the respective tenant-related data is visible to each tenant.


The tenant management module is superbly suited to office parks, universities and organisations with autonomous divisions. Each autonomous division is treated as a ‘tenant’. It’s perfect for the following conditions:

  • Where premises have a common entrance used by all tenants. In this case, the building periphery can be managed by one tenant under contract or by an independent sub-contractor.
  • Where there is a common reception serving all tenants. Kaba exos’ visitor management module can also prove highly useful here.
  • Where an application service provider (ASP) assumes responsibility for running the entire security system in addition to managing servers and the network infrastructure.
  • Any other similar scenario or combination of the above.