Shop Floor Data Collection

The key for a successful production plant is optimised output. To achieve this, you need an accurate assessment of data relevant to machine capacity, stock, quality, maintenance and time-and-labour. Collecting this data by conventional methods can be complicated and expensive. The best solution is an efficient shop floor data collection system.

The user-friendly B-web 95 00 workforce management terminals automate and optimise your data-collection process by integrating into your ERP system and facilitating instant and periodic reports. They are robust and have a scratch-resistant glass surface, making them perfect for industrial environments. A flexible protective frame and a metal housing deliver additional protection if needed.

The stylish terminals are also very easy to install and simple to operate. They are flexible, modular and can be customised and upgraded to your exact requirements. You can even use them for time and attendance purposes and add to their functionality as new requirements arise.

Kaba workforce management terminals can be seamlessly integrated with various shop floor data collection applications, available through specialised Kaba partners. Alternatively, they can be integrated directly with your ERP system.