Security revolving doors and security turnstiles

Geryon security revolving doors secure protected areas of a building against unauthorised entry and offer a variety of options for different levels of security. Scales or a separation sensor can also be used to monitor the interior of the unit for individual access. They can be controlled by a card reader, buttons, control desk or even by biometric identification systems. The wide and varied selection of optional extras includes reinforced bullet-proof and burglar resistant versions, as well as special sliding doors to guarantee El-30 fire closure.

The Geryon range also includes STS security turnstiles, suitable for application in medium-security environments. Barrier-free access can also be provided by the arrangement of hinge doors or sliding doors at the side.

Special feature

The T-56 Column for security revolving doors with folding door leaves is approved for emergency exits and offers an unimpeded emergency and escape route in the event of panic, at the same time offering the highest level of break-through prevention.

Thanks to its patented end point locking, it is impossible for anyone to become trapped or break through in the event of power failure or attempted unauthorised access.


The Geryon SRD-E01 Security Revolving Door is available with 3 or 4 door leaves. The unit can optionally be supplied with resistance class 2.


The Geryon SRD-C01 3- or 4-leaf Security Revolving Door has metal cladding as standard, but can also be supplied with glass cladding. The unit can also comply with resistance class 3 or be configured for use in an escape route.


The Geryon SRD-S01 3- or 4-leaf Security Revolving Door is an all-glass unit and is optionally available with resistance class 2. It is particularly suitable for prestigious environments.

Security turnstile for controlled access


The Geryon STS-S02 Security Turnstile is a glass- or metal-clad turnstile for use indoors. The U-shaped stainless steel bars are optionally available in acrylic glass.