Kaba exos system features


Kaba exos offers a wide range of scalable and intelligent modules that can be easily adapted to meet your specific requirements, including authorisation management, visitor management, parking management, time and attendance, and more.

This system fits within your current IT environment and features open and standardised interfaces to easily link individual subsystems for efficient transfer of data. Kaba exos is designed for long-term use and offers total forward compatibility and future scalability. This means the system grows with you as your needs change, thus your investment is protected in the future.

  • Management of access control, electronic locks and mechanical key systems, all in one.
  • Highest rated security level, thanks to the Kaba ARIOS concept. This highly intelligent mechanism recognises, rejects and reports badges that have been copied without proper authorisation.
  • Seamless integration into your ERP and payroll systems, saving you the cost of any IT infrastructure upgrade.
  • Works with your existing badges and facilitates multi-functionality, e.g. for cashless payment, transport, banking, etc.
  • Modular and scalable, so it will grow with your organisation, world-wide and in all major languages.
  • Access rights can be adjusted phase-by-phase as old user groups no longer need entry and new ones take their place, e.g. during building work as the project progresses over time.
  • Tenant management enables all tenants to manage their own access rights autonomously in a jointly used Kaba exos system.
  • Interface with fire, video, alarm and building management systems.
  • Recording of system data and events in real time as people enter and exit, giving you an instant picture, in case of emergencies.


Kaba exos is perfect for facilities that need enhanced security, organisational efficiency and flexibility and operational convenience. If you experience one or more of the following challenges, then you should consider installing Kaba exos:

  • Safety and security of sensitive documents
  • Frequent loss or theft of valuable equipment
  • Lack of overview due to frequent staff fluctuation
  • Unpredictable, varying or a high number of visitors
  • Different user groups using the same facilities
  • Different security zones within the same premises, e.g. high-security, secure, semi-public and public zones
  • A need to log people’s movement for regulatory reasons.


The variety of state-of-the-art online (networked) and standalone components provide complete freedom in customising the system. This allows optimum security levels, depending on your needs. Choice of components, many of which have won international design awards includes:

Kaba compact reader 91 04 black and white

Card readers

High-gloss readers trigger a command to operate doors. They can be easily installed on door leaf, glass, metal, exposed concrete or other materials.

Kaba digital cylinder black and white

Digital cylinder locks

Lifestyle cylinder locks, compact and energy efficient. Our many different types offer a solution for every door.

Update terminals

Update terminals

An elegant terminal for employees to pick up their new access privileges without having to go to the reception or the security office.