Full-height turnstiles and full-height gates

Kentaur turnstiles

These sturdy Kentaur turnstiles are especially suitable for reliably securing outdoor areas. When used in conjunction with card readers, they can reliably control access without the need for monitoring by personnel.

Thanks to its patented end point locking, it is impossible for anyone to become trapped in the event of power failure or attempted unauthorised access.

Kentaur full-height gates

With only one hinge door, the Kentaur FGE is predominantly used outdoors for barrier-free access, often in conjunction with a matching design of turnstile.

Kentaur full-height gates are also suitable for barrier-free access in outdoor premises.


Turnstiles for access control

  • Reliable personal safety with end point locking
  • Versions with integrated bike interlock, full-height gate for barrier-free access, emergency exit function and enhanced resistance class RC
  • Modular combination of crossbars, roofs and guiding elements
  • Turnstile columns and crossbars in a range of stainless steel versions
  • Low energy drive and automatic adjustment of speed of rotation to match that of the person entering
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Adjustable access can be freely set in the event of power failure
  • Can be used under the most varied environmental conditionsc


Access to administrative buildings, public authorities and industrial premises

  • As staff access for outdoor use
  • As access to building sites

Access to sports and leisure facilities

  • For admitting visitors to stadiums, arenas and sports facilities
  • In car parks or bike parking facilities